Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Made in Japan
Photos: Atris

One of the things I got from my mother is a skill to choose fitting parts of clothing – their colours and patterns. My mother still looks and dresses like a 20 or 30 year old woman and she pays attention to newest trends in fashion.
In my everyday look comfort is most important (that’s why I rarely walk in heels or even dresses). For special occasions my clothing sets are put together and completed very carefully.
That’s why in my stylisations on this blog, I will make a mix of these two things – comfort and good styling of all different parts of clothing.
So much for the introduction. 😉
When I was creating my first stylisation, I was inspired by young people from the streets of Tokyo. I was there for a while and that visit strongly influenced me to wear… loose t-shirts. 😉
Photos are made in the late evening. That’s why they look so specific.
What do you thing about this set? 🙂


Outfit details:
Glasses: Tom Ford
T-shirt: Adidas Originals
Trousers: New Yorker / similar here
Shoes: Converse
Backpack: Alexander Wang / similar here
Watch: Riko Kona
Stud bracelet: Cubus / similar here

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